Urbanisation taking place at faster rate in India leading to increase in population residing in urban areas. This is leading to the new challenges for urban citizens like air pollution, traffic congestion, availability of basic resources, public services, better quality of life, etc.

To address this issues government of India has launched SMART CITY mission to develop citizen friendly and sustainable cities across the country.

India has identified 100 such cities and created a smart cities program which is enabling global players to contribute to urban development in India through interventions in design, transport, utility infra and more.

pManifold consultants keenly pursue the developments in this space and have been working with different utilities at city level so as to improve the quality of services in smart cities.

What we do?

pManifold work with different utilities at city level to support improving smartness of cities:

  • Consulting various PPP projects with cities in power, water, waste, sanitation, transport, and other social sectors including health and education
  • Holistic assessment of city on 100 KPIs as recommended under ISO 37120. Other Child friendly smart city assessment framework development for Capital city.
  • City stakeholders including its citizens closer engagement via Annual conference, Awards and Leadership talks
  • Citizen’s engagement and City deployment roadmap for EVs adoption and charging infra planning
  • Cross utilities synergy at city for improving smart city outcomes

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