This webinar brings experts to share their experience on following topics:

  • EV charging and connectors standards India can commit and develop for AC and DC charging
  • Vehicle design and manufacturing considerations to select a charging standard and appropriate charging connector
  • Cost economics for charging connectors, ancillaries and typical product development to the mass production cycle

India is aiming Big for its EV adoption roadmap, with some earlier Govt. targets suggesting 100% new sales to be EVs across vehicle segments by 2030. This would make some 30%+ vehicles on-road electric (approx. 200+ million EVs) in India by 2030, requiring some 50 million charging points, of which 90% shall be home charging.

Globally, there are more than 2 million EV cars today, with China, Europe, Japan and the USA having current EVs car share of around 1.37%, 1.74%, 0.59% and 0.91% of total stock.

India has taken similar pathway of defining its own custom EV charging standards, called Bharat Chargers AC-001 (240V, 15A, 3.3kW, IEC 60309 connector) and DC-001 (<100V, 200A, 15kW, GB/T 20234 connector) for lower voltage (<120V) electric powertrain architecture. It is in-process to define further standards for both AC and DC charging for medium and higher voltage vehicle segments.

Most industry stakeholders are aligned with India defining its custom charging standards that shall allow lower costs, flexible communications, and easy interoperability for EV charging. A recent report from CEA made some recommendations on Charging standards. Indian OEMs for electric vehicles, chargers, batteries have come a long way in their product development, testing and deployment of EVs and chargers.

A right charging standard definition at country level with right connector selection and this doing it sooner can help India send a strong signal to all players to further speed up their efforts and align with its all EVs goal.


Mr. Vinod Viswanath Mr. Ajit K Jindal Mr. Rahul Bagdia
Sr. Manager Product Marketing,
TE Connectivity
Head Tech, Vice President Tata Motors Co-Founder and Director
pManifold Business Solutions


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