3-Wheelers (3W) form typical 1-2% of overall city vehicle stocks for most cities in India, and act as an important public mass transport mode. With increasing urbanization, more focus on Transit Orient Development (TOD) and strengthening public transit systems including new Metro rails etc. the importance of 3Ws for first and last mile have further increased.

Current popular variants of 3Ws are those running on petrol, diesel, CNG and electric via lead acid batteries. Current version of lead acid e-Rickshaws serves better economics compared to ICE versions, but have lower speed limits, and also pose environmental challenges (arising from lead recycling).

The new Lithium Ion Batteries (LIB) run e-Rickshaws have advantage of 1) atleast 50% lower battery weight 2) longer battery life 3) fast charging option 4) lower battery degradation 5) higher mileage (kms/day) allowing more income opportunity 6) higher performance in terms of top-speed, acceleration etc. 7) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). LIB e-3Ws also comes with higher speed options, usually called e-Autos.

There are emerging new players who are taking up 3W Aggregator roles, including that for e-3Ws. While some doing pure app based demand and supply match making, there are some who getting into end-to-end ownership of assets and full fledge charging eco-system, including having drivers on-rolls.

Technology evolution is making further new variants like battery swapping e-Rickshaws and e-Autos reality, and providing option to split overall capital investment separately with an Energy Operator. This shall allow bring better design focus on the vehicle itself and likely 3Ws will no more be yellow-black-green boxes, but more jazzy and comfortable to attract high adoption.

This Webinar topic was focused on:

  • New product, technology, business model, policy and financing innovations in operating electric 3-Wheeler Fleet (including battery swapping)
  • Case study of operating e-3W fleet in India – opportunity, challenges and results
  • What transition pathways and interventions required to move to cleaner e-3W adoption


Mr. Goldie Srivastava Mr. Yuvraj Sarda Mr. Rahul Bagdia
Co-Founder and CEO
Senior Manager – Strategy
SUN Mobility
Co-Founder and Director
pManifold Business Solutions

Date and Time: On Wednesday 20th June 2018, 16:00 to 17:45 IST

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