Electric Vehicles (EVs), the future of mobility, is generally considered only an urban phenomenon. A number of factors have led to this interpretation like higher upfront costs of EVs, lower financing credibility of the rural region, lack of required strong grid infrastructure, insignificant emission density of the rural regions thus lacking motivation for EV uptake push among others. Assuming, higher cost a rural user has to pay for transportation for different inefficiencies, and high opportunity cost, it is expected that TCO for EVs in rural would come favorable than current cost structure. It is believed that e-Mobility brings efficiency to transportation (EVs 6X efficient from tank-to-wheel energy conversion) and with its required charging electricity quantum has potential to improve energy supply economics in rural for improved energy access. This improved energy access and higher affordable transportation has potential to drive next wave of rural economic growth.

Thus, this webinar jointly organized by pManifold and EST will focus on:

  • Existing transportation landscape in rural regions, driving factors and economics
  • Need and suitability (use cases) of EV For Rural Applications
  • Opportunities, success stories and barriers to develop integrated e-mobility ecosystem for rural regions
  • Potential business models
  • Developing ecosystem of e-mobility around battery/ renewable energy to empower rural economy and energy access

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