India is aiming to lead EV race with the latest push in the budget. The government have set a target to reach a 30% sales share for EVs by 2030. To practically achieve this target, the market will need a commitment of EV-friendly policies, consumer awareness, vehicle charging networks, and manufacturing capabilities.

In automobile industry, dealers play a significant role in market penetration, they are the customer touch point responsible for sale and post-sales service support. EV being new technology, the customer awareness or acceptance is low, resulting into low sales volumes. As a result, many EV dealers are struggling to increase their sales. Therefore, it is important for all stakeholders to understand the dealer’s outlook in EV as they provide ground-level facts and help to understand the product feedback, EV demand-supply scenario, and possible pathways to increase the EV sales.

This webinar has addressed below concerns of EV Dealers:

  • How economical is to own e-2W and e-3W when compared to ICE based vehicles?
  • What marketing activities are leading to better sales? What support from OEMs could further drive EV sales?
  • Is EV dealership a good opportunity?
  • What are the learning, experiences and customer feedback around EVs?  (with some case studies)

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